Changelog: New file browser

Screenshot of the new file browser

Last week we had a successful launch on Hacker News! Huge thanks to everyone that provided feedback. This week we're releasing a new file browser which should make browsing files with long paths much easier.

New file browser

The most noticeable change is an improved file browser. The goal with the new UI is to make browsing files with long paths easier. Some programming languages tend to have deep folder structures which caused most of the path to be truncated. The new UI groups files by folder so that the file name is always visible. Folders are collapsable as well.

Don't forget you can navigate the file browser using keyboard shortcuts.

Resizable sidebar

Screenshot of resize

The review sidebar is now resizable by dragging the resize control in the bottom right corner.

Create review from existing PR on update

If you're new to Crocodile and have a bunch of existing pull requests, Crocodile will now create a review for them when new code is pushed or when the pull request title or description is edited.

Gzip compression

Responses are now Gzip compressed which reduces page sizes and load times.

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James Lao