Changelog: Syncing Comments With GitHub

A crocodile swimming in the water

This week we are releasing a new feature to make it easier for Crocodile users to collaborate with GitHub users who are not using Crocodile yet.

Crocodile will now synchronize comments to and from GitHub. This means comments made in Crocodile are posted back to GitHub and comments made in GitHub are posted to Crocodile.

Developers can try out Crocodile without needing to convince their whole team to switch over. We think this will make it easier for teams to evaluate and adopt Crocodile.

These changes apply to new reviews created in Crocodile:

  • Crocodile reviews now have a discussion thread for discussing the review in general.
  • Comments in GitHub's pull request conversation tab are synchronized with the new discussion thread.
  • Line comments are synchronized between the GitHub pull request and the Crocodile review. In cases where a comment in Crocodile lands outside of the GitHub pull request, we place the comment as close as possible and reference the line number.
  • Reviewer statuses are synchronized between the GitHub pull request and Crocodile review.

As a result of these new features, Crocodile needs slightly more GitHub permissions than before. See the GitHub Permissions page for a description of how Crocodile accesses your GitHub resources.

Happy reviewing and let us know what you think!

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James Lao